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As you may have guessed, I do love hearts! I for some reason, I just gravitate towards their beautiful organic shape. Loving my what I do for a living is really quite awesome. Anyone who can say this, is very lucky as there are so many hard-working souls out there that are miserable in their jobs. It was for this reason that incorporating the heart as part of my logo was a no-brainer. 

I know it has become clichéd to see pics of hearts in nature, but I thought I would just post these as a reminder of how cool they really are! LOVING LIFE ALL THE WAY!

by Steve Casimiro
Adventure Journal, February 14 2011

LOVE IS IN THE AIR…and on the ground…and in the trees. Heart-shaped islands, heart-shaped clouds, heart-shaped leaves…wherever you go, there you heart.

1. Galesnjak, Croatia

2. Cloud

3. Butterfly DMangus

4. Snow

5. Mangrove Yves Arthus-Bertrand

6. Mars NASA

7. Rock

8. Frost knitalatte11

9. Curled leaf Lisa Luvz

10. Castle and Heart Lakes, California

11. Clouds, Monreal, Sicily, Italy Lyuba Katerova

12. Heart Nebula NASA

13. Cactus Blue Ridge Kitties

14. Gutierrez Lake, Argentina

15. Leaf Miriam Vitale

16. Baja California, Mexico

17. Swan evelynnlouise

18. Tree

19. Cactus

20. Aral Sea NASA

21. Mulch Boo n’ Hoo

22. Bug, Twilight-Faa

23. Wetland, Guandu Nature Park, Taiwan

24. Reef, Whitsundays, Australia

25. Tiny rock speedyfearless


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