• Client Testimonial

    Testimonial for Nicky – Lead designer of Love&Design in collaboration with Kode 88 Developers.
    Roofed by the Sky Website Design 2021.
    We came up with an idea, a vision for Roofed by the Sky, an early years outdoor learning convention. We were excited by the vision of collaborating with early years professionals to promote outdoor learning. We had no idea how to communicate this idea visually. Nicky had the wisdom and expertise to take our idea and create a dynamic visual. She presented us with a range of brilliant visuals to use as marketing tools for our vision.
    We loved the final product, it is world-class, an idea in one crystal clear image. Nicky worked sensitively with our team, she listened well and accommodated our ideas but held firm when necessary. Nicky was at all times diplomatic and reasonable, and always creative.
    Nicky is a great problem solver and an excellent communicator, she is always a creative force and that is a perfect combination in a design team. I highly recommend Nicky as someone who can create a perfect image for your vision.
    We are grateful to Nicky for her hard work and expertise, she is someone with integrity and flair. The Roofed by The Sky website is a testament to her creative and collaborative skills and incredible work ethic.
    Gillian Powell (Chairperson)